¿How do I know which size fits best for me?

We are inspired by real women, so to know which size fits best to your body you can identify with our 3 styles of women. Valeria (S): She is a woman whose greatness is in her personality with a maximum height of 170cms, she has a small bust and a delicate waist (62-66cms) her hip is small (90-94) but she likes to move it when dancing. Victoria (M): she has a spectacular waist (66-72cms) and hips that call attention to the one who sees her pass (94-100cms), she is neither too short nor too tall, she has been told she has the ideal size. Violeta (L): She is often the tallest of her friends, she has long legs and a prominent hip (100-106 cm). Her waist is perfect for her hips (72-78cms), so she draws attention when walking.

If I really love one of your garments but my size is no longer in stock, can I preorder so that you can make it for me?

Of course! As long as we have enough fabric in our warehouse to make it, you can have it. You just need to write an email to us at: info@velazca.com

Is it necessary for me to use special underwear as to not be visible trough my garments?

Most of our designs experiment with irregular shapes that do not attach to your body. So you don`t have to worry about it! You can use your favorite underwear without worrying about it trespassing your garments.

Is there a way to fit the garments before you buy them?

As we are an Online shop it’s impossible to fit the garments before you buy them. But, remember that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the items within 7 days of receipt. This is a special service so you can try on the garments in the comfort of your own home. Just remember that every garment has to be returned in the same way you received them. Complete with the original tags, unused and unwashed.

Do your designs help me hide my belly?

Our garments aren’t form fitted, so they will not accentuate your mid-region. Nevertheless, we are sure that you don’t have anything to hide. Your confidence is not in your clothes, it is in you!

Will your pants will show off my curves?

Our clothing shapes are made to help you feel comfortable in every situation. That’s why you can choose a smaller size of our garments in order to highlight your body. Our designs are made to highlight the best of you bringing a “coolness” to your style.

Can I use Velazca’s designs at the office?

Most definitely! Our garments are designed for empowered women. They are neither suggestive nor low cut. They help to highlight the woman who uses them. Without showing your body, they show how empowered and self-confident you so they are perfect to use in every occasion.

If one of your designs is wide, do I have to buy it in a smaller size?

You don`t have to worry about it, our garments are adjusted to each of our sizes: Valerie, Violet and Veronica.

Which materials are used in the production of the garments?

The majority of our plain weaved garments are 100% cotton. But, there are some designs which requires mixing with machine-manufactured fibers. The reason is because we need to do this in order to make it safer for you to wash your clothes, while also limiting wrinkles to reduce ironing. In our weaved garments we use variety of wools. Always thinking of ways to offer you the best quality, we use natural fibers such as wool, alpaca, cashmere, and leather. Knowing that some can be allergic to these types of fibers, we have create some garments using acrylic materials in order for you to continue enjoying the durability of our designs without discomfort.

Are your fabrics thin or transparent?

We know that you may feel uncomfortable wearing fabrics that allow others to perceive what you are wearing underneath. Whenever our designs are made of transparent fabrics, they will be used for our look book. Our photography allows us to show our products as they really are. Furthermore, we will always describe the garments characteristics with clarity in the product description.

Do your fabrics allow the body to breathe?

We are aware oft the need for movement that your lifestyle requires. The fabrics that we select allow your body to breathe without discomfort.

How can I be sure that the product will look the same as in the photograph?

We care about our clients. The quality of our photography allows you to examine the details of each garment prior to purchase. But, if you are still unsure, you can return your purchases within 7 days of receipt without extra charge. It feels amazing be confident about your purchases, doesn’t it? Just take into account that every return has to be done in the exact manner in which it was delivered; in perfect conditions, without use or wash and with all tags In other words: return it as you received it!

What special care is needed for my garments?

No extra effort in needed for our garments to last because they are made with excellent materials and quality. Quick tip: Hang the garments inside out in order to protect them getting damaged by other garments or objects in your closet!

Do the garments need special cleaning?

Most of our garments are made with quality fabrics and are machine washable. Nevertheless, it is important for you to double check the tags of your garment to see if hand washing or dry cleaning is required.

What can I do if my garment shrinks after the first wash?

While an uncommon situation, this sometimes happens. Don’t worry, you don`t have to use that shirt as a crop top! We will take responsibly for factory defects as long as you followed the washing instructions on the tags.

Is it possible to buy garments from previous collections?

Of course you can! As long as we have the garment in stock, or just ask us if it’s possible to re-order.

What if I receive my purchase and I don’t like it anymore?

As women, we easily change our minds. Just as we fall in love at first sight, we can get disenchanted just as fast! Not tot fret! You can return your purchase and hopefully use your money to buy another garment from our online store. We know we can make you fall in love with our designs again and again. Just be aware of returning your purchase within 7 days of delivery and in the same condition in which you received it; with the tags, without use, and unwashed. We know we can trust you!

How long it takes to receive the money from a return?

Your money will be returned within 9 days. Extremely fast! Don’t you think so? PayU helps us to return your money in the safest and most efficient way.

How does international returns function?

International returns have an additional charge. We will inform you of any additional charges once calculated prior to shipping.

Which guarantees are provided for Velazca’s garments?

We are very confident in the quality of our garments. Nevertheless, we are not exempt from making mistakes. We will gladly exchange any product with factory defects. For example, if the seams come apart or if a garment is delivered with some sort of production defect, we will exchange it without problem. Remember your garments have a guarantee from fabric defects for up to 3 months.

How can I make may payment?

PayU handles our online Payments, so you can pay with debit cards, credit cards or even use your bank account. We chose to use them in order to give you all the payment options as possible!

How are taxes calculated in the payment?

We adjust our taxes to each country’s policies which are reflected in the garment’s price. It makes everything easier, don’t you think so? We release you from the stress of calculating!

How can I be sure that my card details will not be stolen?

Just as you have placed your trust in us to create incredible garments for you to love, we have entrusted PayU to take care of your financial security. We use their payment platform because of its payment safety and worldwide trust. They meet all the security policies needed globally.

Does the shipping cost?

We know that the best tings in life are priceless, so our shipping to your home in for Free if you buy $250.000 and up in Colombia. Shipping rates for purchases below $ 250.000 are standard shipping rates

Can I buy gift cards?

Of course you can! We love that you want to share your amazing style with your loved ones. Inquire at info@velazca.com

Is it possible to send a purchase in gift packaging?

Yes! We know what a surprise means that’s why you can choose the gift packaging option and we will take care of everything else.

Can I send a purchase to a different address?

Yes you can! You just need to provide the address where you want ithe item to be sent when asked for the delivery address. Do you know we have a beautiful gift packaging? Don’t forget to ask for it! Your surprise will be the most amazing!

Can the person who receives my gift from Velazca exchange the item if they don’t like it?

Yes! Just return it within 7 days of delivery. They can then choose from our online shop whatever she likes of equal or lesser value, or pay the difference fro a more expensive garment. Thay just need to read and be aware of our return policy. We are confident they will like what you chose for them!

What can I find at the Blog?

In our blog you can find out how the brand was built, it’s 6 years of history, and the adventures of our designer while she follows her dream and creates each of the garment for Velazca.

How long does it takes to get an email answered from Velazca’s team?

You will have an answer to your concerns with 2 days. We are extremely fast!

What can I do when I don`t find an answer to my concerns?

If we have not answerd you question, simply write to us at info@velazca.com For the best results, you can always call or visit us. We want to meet you and help you with all your needs!

Why would I subscribe to Velazca’s newsletter?

Why not? As soon as you subscribe we will send you an email with an illustration from our cleft collection for you to decorate your favorite space. Isn’t it amazing? At Velazca we love gifts and surprises and we use our newsletter to send you things we know you will love.

Where can I find Velazca’s products ratings and comments?

You can get to know what our clients think about our brand from our Facebook fan page. There, we have an open forum for everyone to tell us what they think about our brand. You can also leave a direct message if you’d like!

Where can I write about complaints and claims?

For all problems and concerns, please send us an email to info@velazca.com.co. If we still have not satified your concern, please fell free to call us! We may even invite you for a drink at our boutique or design studio for you to discuss any isuues or concerns you may have.

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